Welcome to our School Blog!


I’m glad you chose to come read our blog! I’m switching over from my Blogger account. If you want to know some of the things we’ve done, just head on over there until I get more on here.

Right now we are in the process of moving our classroom as well. Our whole school process (physical and online) is changing around. Last weekend we got rid of our living room furniture and brought our schoolroom up from the basement. We now have 3 desks and our TV in the living room. Seating consists of computer/desk chairs and two giant beanbags. We still have a few things to move upstairs, such as our supply cabinet, and more of our supplies.

Next week I plan to start blogging from here regularly. Pictures included, as I love photographing our children.

Thank you for stopping by!



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3 responses to “Welcome to our School Blog!

  1. Welcome! It will be a great adventure to read up on all your new endeavors and see the wonderful pics I am sure you will take!

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