Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

Last week, and continuing this week, we are learning about bugs.

All kids of bugs. Bugs are fascinating.

A page from our Spiders book.

I think ‘our’ favorite bug is a click beetle. When I say our, I mean the boys.

We learned that click beetles arch their back and jump.

If they land on their backs, the jump again, hoping to land on their feet.

They find their mates by sending out flashing lights from their backs.

The Click Beetle page from our Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! book.

So far during our bug lessons we have played a bug game on A’s tablet called “Bug King”.

We drew our favorite bugs – Z & M drew click beetles, and A drew a dragonfly.

We watched a movie called “Bug Off!”, in which a sister wished her brother into a bug – this was pure enjoyment, not lesson related.

I am in the process of making bug counting pages, and we will be reading more this week.

My main focus this week, since the favorite bug was the click beetle, will be learning more about where they come from, and other fun facts.

The click beetle Z (5 1/2 years old) drew.

What are you doing in your classrooms this week?


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