Curriculum Talk

Lately in the homeschooling blog scene, everyone is talking about what curriculum they use.

We have decided not to use a curriculum, at least to start.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about A BEKA.

If we do end up using a curriculum, this is probably the one I will choose.

I have a lot of research to do when it comes to curriculum, but I’m not to that point yet.

I’m really hoping I will only have to use it for a few subjects here & there.

We have a lot of books and information on most historical events, so I should be able to do history without a boxed in ‘this is what you must learn’ ideal.

I’m pretty good at spelling and grammar, so I hope to do this by myself.

There are other aspects of English / Language Arts that I’m not so good at, so those I will need outside help with – which I’m hoping I can just find online.

Math – There are so many resources for this subject, that we REALLY shouldn’t NEED a boxed curriculum. I should be able to find most of what we need online.

Plus, I have a few textbooks that I’ve bought in the bookstore.

Science will be my hardest area, as I’m not a science fan – AT ALL.

Hubby will be able to teach them a lot, and we have many science books – not including all the science workbooks A has brought home from school after they were done with them.

Computer, I will be able to handle.

Hubby and I are both in love with computers.

He, with design programs. Me, with all things internet and writing related.

Social studies – which includes history – will be mostly home made curriculum.

We can learn all we need to about geography online or in books that we already own.

Bible curriculum is simple, we use our Bible and the different devotionals we have.

We could do different lessons based on different verses and what not, which I will plan out when the times come.

If you have used a curriculum, what would you recommend? Also, if you don’t use a curriculum, where do you get your resources from?



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5 responses to “Curriculum Talk

  1. We do use curriculum, but we don’t buy all of it from one source. We use several different companies, depending on which met our needs for which subject. (I really am not advertising my blog, but I do have a list of what we use for all our curricula needs on it; should you be interested. We use some aBeka, A Reason For…, and KONOS; to name a few.)

    I don’t think the issue of curriculum is a “must” as much as an easier route to take. Sure, we could all design our own programs and print out a gang of work sheets, but the time and effort that goes into finding them (not to mention the cost of ink), really doesn’t seem worth it. I started out with this philosophy when we first started to homeschool, but quickly changed my mind. Having four kids, it was too time consuming to find and print work that met all their needs. By the time I paid for the ink and paper, I might as well have bought a workbook for $15!

    What I don’t do, even now, is buy teacher’s guides; that is just over the top for me. I also try to use unit studies where I can, so that I am using workbooks as little as possible.

    Technically speaking, any material used to teach is curriculum. So, even using a library book would qualify. I think what you mean is purchased curriculum though.

    Hope some of this helps?… Definitely start posting some online links if you find them. They are always appreciated! I have some great ones for spelling, typing, Bible, and geography; should you be interested.

    Because I have to ask…. Mac or PC? (We’re Apple freaks!)

    • Yes, thank you, I did mean purchased curriculum.

      I agree that teacher’s guides would be unnecessary and a waste of money. If I am not sure of the work, I could look up the way to DO the problem, and find the answer on my own.

      Thank you for the information, I really appreciate it!

      We are PC users, though we would like to invest in a Mac sometime soon since Hubby is a web guy and should really know how to do stuff on a Mac. Plus I would like to use one!

  2. We use the pace system for english,word building,math,history we use teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons … we do alot of reading hands on art projects for science also have cooking class,piano,life skills…what does your schedule look like ???

    • How does Teach your Child to Read work for you guys? I’ve heard good things about it.

      What ages are you working with?

      Right now we don’t have an actual schedule since we’re still doing a ‘summer schedule’, but my hope is to have it somewhat like this:

      6-8: Mom wakes up & gets dad off to work, Bible study/Devotional time, Cook breakfast
      8-9: Wake kids up, get dressed & beds made, eat breakfast
      9-11: Various lessons (I don’t have a schedule planned out on what lessons we’ll do in what order yet) – 2 breaks during this time
      11-12: Lunch & play time
      12-2: Various lessons — 1 & 3 year olds napping (1 year old takes 4 hour nap so she won’t wake up til around 4)

      I plan to end our school day around 2, maybe a little later depending on what we’re doing. This is just a rough schedule since it’s our first year of school – I have twin Kindergarteners, a preschooler, and a one year old. My stepson is in 7th grade, but he will be attending public school as his mom decided against letting him stay home. 😦

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