Domestication & other things

Each day it seems like we’re re-training the kids how to keep things cleaned up.

Yesterday I had my five year olds vacuum the school room for the first time.

It was fun. They took turns, and they had a great time.

Learning + Fun = Great educational experience!


Z focusing hard, making sure he gets everything

They each have chores.

Twins do the bathrooms – toilets, floors, sink, mirrors, & wipe down walls.

A has the kitchen – dishes, floors, counters, wipe down appliances.

Princess Sy has toy pick up in the living room.

Miss Liberty helps everyone. Mostly she picks up shoes. She loves shoes.


She can’t leave the strings on her seat alone.

Last Friday, my mother-in-law took the boys shopping with her.

They found quite a few things that they wanted.

Robots, picture frames, toys for everyone else, and a giant map of the USA puzzle.


Z, M, & Princess Sy completed the puzzle in under 20 minutes.

These are the things we’ve been up to lately.

We will officially be starting school in nine days when big brother goes to school.

What types of things do you do to keep your children domesticated?


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