Physical Education

One of the things I’ve heard many times as an ‘out’ for people to justify sending their kids to public school is that they aren’t sure how they would get PE covered. Uh, hello? Send them outside!

But it’s not a routine – Who said you had to send them outside without a plan & let them roam free? I live in a nice little townhouse community. We live in the back corner of a ‘square’ area. There is sidewalk covering most of the ‘square’, minus the road to drive up to our area, and they just cross that when walking. One of the activities my friend has her daughter do is run the square. That’s awesome, and is something I will be using in ‘gym class’. We ran around the gym multiple times, why can’t the kids run around the square of our neighborhood?

Play organized games – I’m sorry, but why can’t you be active enough to play some sort of organized game with your kid? It’s been incredibly hot this summer so I haven’t done a whole lot of outside play myself, but when it’s cooler out we do a lot of baseball and soccer at parks.

Walk @ the mall – We go to the mall and walk. It’s one of our favorite things to do. We haven’t done it lately, but I’m sure we’ll be starting back up with it soon. Several laps around the mall is a good way to get out some energy.

What is my plan for the school year?

My goal is to walk daily in the mornings with the kids. Then I will let them have a ‘recess’ time where they can go out back and run around – we have a small green space behind our yard between us and the next complex. For organized play, we will do some kickball, baseball, soccer, red rover, red light green light, etc.


What activities do you use for Physical Education? Do you have an exercise routine, a ‘free play’ time, or somewhat like I plan to do? Any suggestions on more things we could do?


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