Schooling Spaces

As we hop back in to the official start of a new ‘school year’, everyone wonders what homeschool-ers do for their classroom.

We started out converting our basement into a school room. We painted the walls vibrant colors, added 4 tall and 2 short bookshelves, bought desks for Z & M who would be starting Kinder this year, and a desk for mom to ‘teach’ from. Then we realized one vital thing: this area was not okay for our baby or our three year old. Our basement is finished, but not carpeted or with nice walls, so I don’t consider it finished. Before we moved in, the previous tenants had separate rooms, but they removed them when the left. We made a makeshift wall to separate my laundry and dad’s workshop area from the schoolroom, but it still didn’t work good enough for us.


Our basement school room.

A few weeks ago we began slowly moving our school room up into our main living area. We now have a cabinet to hold our crafting supplies, a small crafting table, mommy’s desk, and both of the boys’ desks up here. We also have a buffet that our TV sits on that stores all the kids toys and some of the easy reader books that they can enjoy. 

I hope to do most of our actual school work here, where the boys can focus at their own desks on their copywork and math. Other things we will probably pull all our chairs to my desk and work on things together. For craft time, as long as it isn’t too messy of a craft, we have a small coffee (crafting) table in here that they can color/draw on. When we do messy crafts, we will go to our kitchen table.

I’m not sure if this will stick, or if this is something we will even like. Maybe it will feel too much like public school for us, and we will have to do something else. I’m perfectly fine with that. God didn’t lead us to homeschooling because he wanted us to do public school at home, but because he wanted us to worship, learn, and experience life together at our home, and in our community.


The world is our classroom.

Where do you have school at? Are you in an organized classroom, or do you school in random places?



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5 responses to “Schooling Spaces

  1. Looks like a great space. We have some times when we really use our classroom and others where the world is the classroom.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I like your colorful wall! Fun!

    • Thank you! We loved it too in the beginning. Now we’re only down there for library time and when I do the laundry. My boys have a gaming area down there where the Wii is, but our oldest isn’t very good at helping the little ones out and playing with them down there, so they don’t use it often.

  3. Danielle

    My kids all do Switched on Schoolhouse for every thing now so the youngest my 3rd grader Evan uses the family room desktop which Kelly my 5 grader has used for 2 years. She now uses the desktop in the home office/ guest room which is nearby and my eldest Tom a 10th grader uses his newly purchsed laptop at the kitchen table. When the kids were young we schooled at the kitchen table but more often than not we we would end up around the house.

  4. Long, long, long ago, when my eldest was 3 and we were stupid, we placed him in a daycare center with the most marvelous basement idea I ever saw.
    You may not be able to copy every aspect of it, but let me tell you how it went:
    It was their rainy-day recess area. In it were areas for different types of play, such as small wooden “kitchen appliances” and dress-ups for playing house in one area, an actual sandbox in another area, a small swingset with a sliding board in another area, and jumping toys (like huge balls with handles) in another area. Also they had lighting that most resembled the sunlight spectrum down there.
    Expensive, I suppose, but it was an expensive daycare. I think what I Iiked most was that they cared enough to make this alternative for the kids.
    Anyway, when you mentioned a basement, my first thought was RECESS! 🙂

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