Writing a story.

Yesterday we started writing a story.

We made a list of different titles.


The Innovation of God.

Money! : Money for God.

A Rainbow for Syleii and Sienna

A World With a Lot of People and Penguins.

Jesus on the Cross, in a Tomb, and Back to Life.
The bold title is the one we chose.

Z & our list of titles.

After choosing our title, we made a list of our characters.

Letting 3 & 5 year olds choose characters for a story can get a little out of control. We have way too many people in our story. I’ll have to find a way to get them to cut back on our characters.

Syleii, Sienna, Zarek, Malaki, Kaleii, Azariah, Natalie, Paige, Ms. Patty, Ms. Pauley, Cynthia, Ms. Laurette, Grandma Fish, Josiah, Joy, Whitney, Corey, Jaiden, Keona, Jose, JESUS!, Jada, Ava, Tiana, Olivia, Papa Shawn, and Aunt Kelsey.

That’s a LOT of people!

Today, we will start on our plot.

Have you written a story with your children/students? What ages were they at the time? How did it go?


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