How do you explain your life without sounding cheesy or rehearsed? A list? A babble of words that no one really follows?

Our life, and our house, are messy at best. We live a strange life, I think. Most people would agree with me. We have six, yes six, beautiful children. Our oldest is my husband’s child with his first wife (who is a beautiful woman I am proud to call one of my best friends), and he is a freshman in public high school (yikes!). Yes, this makes us kind of old, I suppose. The other kids we home unschool. We have twin boys who are almost 8, and three girls who are almost 6, 3 1/2, and almost 4 months. So a non-messy life isn’t an option for us.

I’m 28 (almost 30!), and my husband is 35 (eek!). We’ve been together since I was 19 & he was 25. We’ve got a pretty amazing life. It’s not luxurious, fancy, or even ‘fun’ by many standards. But to us, it’s perfect. We recently decided to pull the three littles out of public school and educate them at home in our own way. Unschooling is the way that’s working for us best so far. We’re an all over the place type of family. We love games, movies, nature, craft projects, dancing, biking, walking, and just hanging out.


The twins’ and I’s first baseball game.


Our beauties!


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