Physical Education

One of the things I’ve heard many times as an ‘out’ for people to justify sending their kids to public school is that they aren’t sure how they would get PE covered. Uh, hello? Send them outside!

But it’s not a routine – Who said you had to send them outside without a plan & let them roam free? I live in a nice little townhouse community. We live in the back corner of a ‘square’ area. There is sidewalk covering most of the ‘square’, minus the road to drive up to our area, and they just cross that when walking. One of the activities my friend has her daughter do is run the square. That’s awesome, and is something I will be using in ‘gym class’. We ran around the gym multiple times, why can’t the kids run around the square of our neighborhood?

Play organized games – I’m sorry, but why can’t you be active enough to play some sort of organized game with your kid? It’s been incredibly hot this summer so I haven’t done a whole lot of outside play myself, but when it’s cooler out we do a lot of baseball and soccer at parks.

Walk @ the mall – We go to the mall and walk. It’s one of our favorite things to do. We haven’t done it lately, but I’m sure we’ll be starting back up with it soon. Several laps around the mall is a good way to get out some energy.

What is my plan for the school year?

My goal is to walk daily in the mornings with the kids. Then I will let them have a ‘recess’ time where they can go out back and run around – we have a small green space behind our yard between us and the next complex. For organized play, we will do some kickball, baseball, soccer, red rover, red light green light, etc.


What activities do you use for Physical Education? Do you have an exercise routine, a ‘free play’ time, or somewhat like I plan to do? Any suggestions on more things we could do?


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Domestication & other things

Each day it seems like we’re re-training the kids how to keep things cleaned up.

Yesterday I had my five year olds vacuum the school room for the first time.

It was fun. They took turns, and they had a great time.

Learning + Fun = Great educational experience!


Z focusing hard, making sure he gets everything

They each have chores.

Twins do the bathrooms – toilets, floors, sink, mirrors, & wipe down walls.

A has the kitchen – dishes, floors, counters, wipe down appliances.

Princess Sy has toy pick up in the living room.

Miss Liberty helps everyone. Mostly she picks up shoes. She loves shoes.


She can’t leave the strings on her seat alone.

Last Friday, my mother-in-law took the boys shopping with her.

They found quite a few things that they wanted.

Robots, picture frames, toys for everyone else, and a giant map of the USA puzzle.


Z, M, & Princess Sy completed the puzzle in under 20 minutes.

These are the things we’ve been up to lately.

We will officially be starting school in nine days when big brother goes to school.

What types of things do you do to keep your children domesticated?

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Curriculum Talk

Lately in the homeschooling blog scene, everyone is talking about what curriculum they use.

We have decided not to use a curriculum, at least to start.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about A BEKA.

If we do end up using a curriculum, this is probably the one I will choose.

I have a lot of research to do when it comes to curriculum, but I’m not to that point yet.

I’m really hoping I will only have to use it for a few subjects here & there.

We have a lot of books and information on most historical events, so I should be able to do history without a boxed in ‘this is what you must learn’ ideal.

I’m pretty good at spelling and grammar, so I hope to do this by myself.

There are other aspects of English / Language Arts that I’m not so good at, so those I will need outside help with – which I’m hoping I can just find online.

Math – There are so many resources for this subject, that we REALLY shouldn’t NEED a boxed curriculum. I should be able to find most of what we need online.

Plus, I have a few textbooks that I’ve bought in the bookstore.

Science will be my hardest area, as I’m not a science fan – AT ALL.

Hubby will be able to teach them a lot, and we have many science books – not including all the science workbooks A has brought home from school after they were done with them.

Computer, I will be able to handle.

Hubby and I are both in love with computers.

He, with design programs. Me, with all things internet and writing related.

Social studies – which includes history – will be mostly home made curriculum.

We can learn all we need to about geography online or in books that we already own.

Bible curriculum is simple, we use our Bible and the different devotionals we have.

We could do different lessons based on different verses and what not, which I will plan out when the times come.

If you have used a curriculum, what would you recommend? Also, if you don’t use a curriculum, where do you get your resources from?


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Organizing – Notebook Style

This week has been about getting the boys notebooks put together so we have things prepared for the year.

I’ve got Handwriting, Language Arts, Math, and Science.

I’ve also started one for Princess Sy with Pre-k work.

About a year ago when we were in Manhattan, KS – we found some really awesome 3 ring binders that are old styled, recycled, and originally $3.50 each – for $.75 each. We have like 14 +/- of them.

They are pretty awesome, and we can reuse them each year.

I would love to find some more like them so we don’t have to reuse.

Next week we begin half day school, which we will do for two weeks.

The third week, we begin full day school.

I’m excited.

I think the kids are, too.


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Adding a new ‘Player’.

Last night, the hubbs and I were talking about school enrollment.

Our oldest, who is in public school and whose enrollment we were talking about, was doing his chore…. sort of.

During this conversation A says, I would rather just be homeschooled – especially if we’re moving in the middle of the school year.

Both the hubbs and I had the same reaction — jaws droppedYou what!?

We heard him right. He wants to homeschool.

Our plan is to move to California in the next few months, and that would mean A would have to change schools.

He DOES NOT want to do that. He wants to move to California, yes, but he does not want to change schools.

The hubbs had mentioned to A’s mom last weekend when she picked him up, that we were talking about moving away & asked what she thought.

She was not happy. I would hate it worse than I hate the arrangement we have now, was exactly how she worded it.

Our arrangement now is Sun @ 8pm – Friday @ 5pm he is with us. That means all school time he’s at our house.

This would mean she would see him on school vacations, and that would be it, unless she made a special trip from KS to CA.

In the end, she said that since A is of age to make his own choice on who he wants to live with, she would support his decision.

A wants to come with. He wants to learn how to surf, and live in a place that doesn’t have sticky, crazy heat.

Soooo, the hubbs thinks that A wanting to stay home is a good way to test the waters to see how serious A’s mom was about supporting his decisions.

A wants to do this. No one tried to talk him into it. Hubbs and I were trying to figure out how much we were going to have to pay for school fees when A said this. Randomly.

If A’s mom decides she won’t support A’s choice in education, and knowing why he wants to do that, we can’t believe that she will truly let him go without a fight.

So, this will be a good testing of the waters.

Now, the issue I have – A did a public school from home program in 5th grade while I was pregnant with Miss Liberty.

I was exhausted, and unprepared for schooling at home, even though it was an online program – I still had to help with it.

At this point in time, I’m fully prepared to homeschool kids, so I won’t have any of those issues.

BUT, he did take advantage of my position at that point in time, and slacked off.

That was the thing I talked to him about last night – can you seriously say that you will be able to sit here with me and your siblings all day?

That you will not try to take advantage of the situation and try to get out of doing any of your work?

After the work you gave me today, I know the school year won’t be easy.  You won’t let me off easy. You’ll make sure I’m doing my work, and you’ll help me if I need it.

I gave him 5 different assignments yesterday just as a ‘get your brain going’ activity since he hadn’t done anything all summer.

He didn’t understand something, and instead of asking for help, he just immediately looked at the page and said I don’t know what this is, how am I supposed to do that!?

This was immediate. He looked at the page and said it. I tried to explain that he needed to look at the example problem, but he just wouldn’t listen.

Finally, I got him to my desk and explained it step by step with the example problem and an additional problem that I made up.

He got it, and he had the whole worksheet done within minutes.

I’m taking a chance here.

I know it would be unfair of me to say No, sorry, I can’t do it for you, but I can for your siblings. Especially when I’m fully capable.

I just don’t want to be taken advantage of. Again.

Today I’m working on a schedule for his school work so that he will see what he will have to do.

If he makes a fuss over anything that he will have to do, I’m probably going to say no.

Has anyone brought home an older kid who has only schooled in a public setting? If so, how did you go about it?

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Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

Last week, and continuing this week, we are learning about bugs.

All kids of bugs. Bugs are fascinating.

A page from our Spiders book.

I think ‘our’ favorite bug is a click beetle. When I say our, I mean the boys.

We learned that click beetles arch their back and jump.

If they land on their backs, the jump again, hoping to land on their feet.

They find their mates by sending out flashing lights from their backs.

The Click Beetle page from our Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! book.

So far during our bug lessons we have played a bug game on A’s tablet called “Bug King”.

We drew our favorite bugs – Z & M drew click beetles, and A drew a dragonfly.

We watched a movie called “Bug Off!”, in which a sister wished her brother into a bug – this was pure enjoyment, not lesson related.

I am in the process of making bug counting pages, and we will be reading more this week.

My main focus this week, since the favorite bug was the click beetle, will be learning more about where they come from, and other fun facts.

The click beetle Z (5 1/2 years old) drew.

What are you doing in your classrooms this week?

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Welcome to our School Blog!


I’m glad you chose to come read our blog! I’m switching over from my Blogger account. If you want to know some of the things we’ve done, just head on over there until I get more on here.

Right now we are in the process of moving our classroom as well. Our whole school process (physical and online) is changing around. Last weekend we got rid of our living room furniture and brought our schoolroom up from the basement. We now have 3 desks and our TV in the living room. Seating consists of computer/desk chairs and two giant beanbags. We still have a few things to move upstairs, such as our supply cabinet, and more of our supplies.

Next week I plan to start blogging from here regularly. Pictures included, as I love photographing our children.

Thank you for stopping by!


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